Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Atrocity in 2011

Those of you who follow us on various social networking sites and at The House, have by now figured out that we are starting to brew on the next Atrocity Exhibition in 2011.
As you all know, we had cancelled the event that we had previously planned to host in November due to multiple negative happenings that just seemed to be bogging down the planning and sucking the life out of everything. Signs that could not be ignored seemed to feel like they were saying it was the wrong time.
Emotions tend to get the best of us, and heading into an event as large as Atrocity with uneasy feelings and a clouded head would've had an effect on the living work of art that we were trying to create.
We've had time to stew, and time to plan. We've had suggestions, directions, and support from many of the folks that make Atrocity what it is, both fans and entertainers alike. Everyone involved in last year's event reached out and expressed both concern and encouragement. We thank you all, because of you.......and a little patience....Atrocity 2011's rusty, gnashing, gears have begun to turn.
We have begun the fundraising process, and within 3 days, we were able to reach well over 50% of our goal. As i write this, we have 77 days left on to raise the other 44% to goal. With the already given and continuing support, we can meet and exceed this mark by midnight 1/1/11. I have included the link to our kickstarter fundraiser at the bottom of this entry, you can read more about the event and how you can help out. Even if you can not donate money, your help with posting the link and spreading the word is just as appreciated.
We will soon be making an appearance on kickstarter via video and discussing Atrocity, our work, and other random nonsense such as puppetshows and witty sarcasm. We will also reach out to our fans, followers, and friends. Send any questions or comments to and maybe, just maybe, we'll answer live.
A new, limited shirt design is in the works as well. All proceeds will be dumped into the Atrocity vault and go towards the event's making. We will reveal the shirt design a few weeks before the shirt is available.....and as will be wicked.
Lastly, we have tossed around 2 previous ideas for 2011's theme, but can't seem to settle on anything solid. Perhaps there is dark thought that has yet to cross our twisted, little minds? This is where you come in.....we both know that you're wouldn't like us if you weren't. We're just not that like-able to "normal folk". Toss us your ideas.....the thoughts from the shadow of "outside the box". Last year's event was set in the post apocalyptic 1930's......if the bomb had dropped. It was a black and white/gas mask event and was truly something to be a part of. You may crash your ideas off of us by emailing to . Perhaps, if we really like what you've dreamt up, and decide to turn your tilted thought into a will be rewarded?
We will make announcement at the House and other random places you find us on the web regarding the date of our first, live video.....our tee shirts.....and our kickstarter.
Until then,
Parting is such sweet sorrow,