Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wicked Holidays upon us.....

The holidays are upon us...this means stress, long lines, crazy traffic, arising family issues....etc, etc, etc. This also means that you are scratching your cranium while searching for the "perfect gift" for your favorite malcontent.
When asked what I would like for gifts in the upcoming year, my response is almost always "a visa gift card". There are so many artists and creators online that tempt my wallet everyday and rarely have the extra funds to purchase the things that I truly want. On the rare occassion that I do get to induldge, it is relatively like xmas morning when that long awaited package arrives at the door and the idea that someone put thought and work into the creation makes it so much special than anything bought in a flourescent lit store mass created in a factory. Not only have I supported an artform, but I've also supported the artist and the hard work.
Below, I've including a link to a treasury that we've created on Etsy for some of our current favorite items....since you can only make a treasury so big, and there are some artists who live off of independent websites, I've also included a list of links to artists who we adore, inspire us, and have supported us. We highly recommend you check out these wicked creators before running off to the department store this year. Even if "dark" isn't your nature, there is an entire world of Etsy and other art sites that you can find nearly everything that you'd buy in the store....EXCEPT it is all handmade and one of a kind. Support art.

On that note, the shoppe's 25% off Strangulations sale will come to a head on black friday at midnight (EST)....but never fear, we have something ELSE up our sleeves. A contest? Yes. Our first. This weekend and this weekend ONLY, we are offering a deal to our Etsy/Facebook customers. How does it work....
-Purchase any handmade, ooak creation from our shoppe
-Go to the Morose & Macabre Facebook wall User: Morose Macabre
-Post "I'VE PURCHASED AN ODDITY!" on our wall.

You will then be entered into a drawing after the contest ends on Sunday 11/28 at midnight (EST). The winner will be chosen at random and they will then get to purchase $30 worth of goods from Morose & Macabre's Wicked Little Shoppe that will be sent with their purchase. Not a bad deal? Get something for yourself and knock some holiday shopping out all at one time!

Lastly, Morose & Macabre will be making an appearance in Cleveland's Waterloo 7 Gallery for the "Holiday Art Massacre on Waterloo" exhibit on 12/11/10. We have all NEW holiday inspired dark art. This is not your Norman Rockwell Christmas creations....all artists displayed will be exhibiting the very finest in dark humor and twisted holiday art. We will also be vending a table at the event with all of our Strangulation, handmade screenprints, and art prints. The artwork that we have created for the event is EXCLUSIVE to the holiday event, but what does not sell will be available in the shoppe at a sale price! Who said we weren't giving?

Parting is such sweet sorrow,

Morose & Macabre "Gifts for the Black Sheep" Treasury

Etsy Shoppes and Creators sites that you need NOT miss out on...
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