Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gather 'round, oh beautiful mutants!

Hey weirdos,

We've got some updates for you. Usually Miss Macabre keeps you posted on new developments, but tonight I'm spitting the poison [fiend at the controls!]

First and foremost, we're terribly excited that we have made our fund-raising goal for the 2011 Atrocity Exhibition, so let me just say THANK YOU to everyone who donated, re-posted our links, talked us up, and encouraged us to keep pushing along. We appreciate each and every effort and dollar put forth for us. An additional thank you to all of you who ordered from us in 2010. You monsters keep us going. Give yourselves a pat on the back, Preferably with a hand that's been severed from someone else.

On the same note, we're gathering up the rewards offerings we promised to people who donated over $40. We'll be sending things out after Jan 1st, when the kickstarter program comes to it's end. Tonight we've been working on the limited run of tee shirts we designed specifically for Atrocity [see below this post]. The goal tonight was womens' tees, which are all in the process of being lovingly mauled and beaten up by our own Miss Macabre. The tees [and a few tanks] all feature the new logo we designed, screened in different places on each shirt, and are all bleached, ripped, and otherwise maimed. They're all similar, but one of a kind. It's kind of what we do... These absolutely atrocious shirts will be available for purchase and all proceeds will go to the event. Mens' tees to come soon, and more on this note later...

Dates for the event itself are still being discussed, but we have it narrowed down to two dates in April within two weeks of each other. We are going to begin the call for ARTISTS shortly. We have some great entertainment lined up HOWEVER we are still keeping our eyes open for possible additional performers to join the horror-show - so if you think what you do could mesh well with the rest of the nightmare cast of characters, give us a shout at

Lastly, we have decided on the theme for this year's event: Vaude-VILE Asylum Cabaret. Think of what it would be like if a band of circus performers came crashing into a mental hospital circa the 1800s. Cruel and unusual "treatments", sadistic orderlies, doctors crazier than the patients, shock treatments, straight jackets, ice-pick lobotomies... and spirited performances! All wrapped up in some gauze for you... you know... to help the infection spread faster.

Well, I'm off to prescribe myself a lot of whiskey...

'til we MEAT again --

Dr. M.