Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hell-o weirdos!

Dr. M here. We're currently in the studio working... finishing up noose ends.. err.. LOOSE ends in our preparation for Treacherous Tea. We've managed to complete a pretty gruesome batch of new neckwear, all of which will be for sale at our spooky little tea party. Oh, and there'll be free cupcakes. Did we mention that? The recipe was passed down from our dear old Auntie Lucifer.

We're still in the planning stages for the next Atrocity Exhibition, but we [almost certainly] have our theme in mind. We still have a long way to go and a lot to figure out, but this will be another horrific event not to be missed. We're hoping to see some of you who couldn't make it last time! As always, we'll have some wicked talent and grotesque art to make you uneasy.

Miss Macabre is working on another painting as I write this, and we have some other tricks up our sleeves. Back to work! No rest for the wicked, after all.

Until next time, stay sick!
-Dr M.

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