Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some Ghostly updates transcribed by my Ouija Board.

Hello again, weirdos and malcontents, Dr. M here from the surprisingly gloomy and overcast west coast to update you on a few things.

First off, Kickstarter has yet again been a success for us, so a big YAY for that, but it wouldn't have been so without the help and support of our friends and like-minded folks who backed us financially. Whether it was $1 or $100, we appreciate the help. So, pick up that severed arm you've been saving for a special occasion and pat yourselves on the back for that. On a related note, we are currently working on getting together all the backer rewards to send out to everyone who did donate. Please check the email address with which you signed up with Kickstarter, as a mailing address inquiry has been sent to you. We need your address or you don't get any of the stuff we promised you, obviously. We have just gotten in the stickers from the printer, and have carefully selected first-run art prints for you that haven't been sold to the public yet. We will begin mailing these within the week.

We are also selling different stickers than the backers will be receiving for $3 a pop on our etsy store. The proceeds from these go directly into funding the event and paying and feeding and housing our entertainers. There are two different stickers available... a logo sticker in ghoulish green and a flyer image sticker. Check them out here and here!

NOW. Let's discuss the event, a bit, yes? This year's installment of the Atrocity Exhibition begins with a theme, like every year. We choose a theme and build a story around it and work from that to put together the event itself. This year, we chose to take a nosedive into the spirit world by reviving some old parlor tricks and revisiting a form of theatre invented in France in the 18th century called "phantasmagoria". Using lanterns that had been modified to project images of supernatural beings, such as ghosts or demons, onto smoke or semi-transparent screens, it gained popularity in Europe throughout the 19th century, horrifying audiences and giving people nightmares for years to come. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Our story begins with the purchase of a nasty piece of real-estate... a haunted theater. Surprised? Yeah, we thought not. The story begins to take shape when you enter and bear witness to the summoning of thirteen ghosts, all of whom are just dying to tell you their story. As per usual, there will be music, art, and performance of a darker nature. This year's event is not to be missed. You are cordially invited to spend the evening with us at Phantasmagoria Theater. Dress to depress.

You can purchase pre-sale tickets and view this year's list of performers and the growing list of vendors here.

MAY 19TH. Don't forget. Until then.... sweet screams!

-Dr. M

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