Monday, April 29, 2013

The One Called Harlequin....

Notes of the Wicked: April 24th, 2013: Miss Macabre:
As we get closer to the date, we realize how difficult it is to contain this monstrous cavalcade, particularly at night, and particularly the one called Harlequin.
We've set up large work lights that surround the crates and remain on at all times in the hopes to keep them in their sleep-like state. However, within the past week, it seems the pull of nightfall is too strong and we're beginning to wonder if their longer than usual slumber will have any consequence when we finally allow them to wake on May 4th.
Harlequin's crate seems to have the most activity, which isn't surprising, as he was the most difficult to crate to begin with.
Even now, we can hear his soft, maniacal laughter as if he knows something we don't. He also seems to be closely tied with the Ring Master, as the slight movements and disturbances coming from within their tightly sealed confines happen in unison.
At this point, we are both excited and slightly nervous for the night of their show. We've come so far, and have taken the utmost precautions....but it will be the strength of their audiences will that is tempted.
I, myself, have had to resist the overwhelming urge to enter the tent, but then again, I know better. I know the repercussions.

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