Friday, October 18, 2013

Creating Monsters......

Back in May, we had one of the most successful Morose & Macabre's Atrocity Exhibitions to date. We celebrated our annual event's 5th anniversary with all of our old friends, and some awesome new friends. Every year, after the event, we reflect on how truly lucky we are to have an amazing community of people standing behind us for this production. We never knew that the Atrocity Exhibition reign would be a 5 year legacy, now heading into year 6.
To document this momentous occasion, Macabre reached out to filmmaker, Brian Cottington. For the next several weeks, Brian and his crew of camera and sound followed the Atrocity family and filmed a behind the scenes look at the chaos that goes into bringing our monster to life each year. Not only, did he film the process, he was also able to sit down with Atrocity family artists and entertainers to get an inside look at where these folks come from, how they got here, and the road suffered along the way. The documentary quickly became about the family of oddballs who found each other through a love of all that is bizarre and a lesson that family encompasses more than just blood relation. It is happy, it is sad, it is inspiring, it is a reminder to never judge a book by it's cover....because you never know what journey that book had to take to come into existence.
We are proud that this November, our story will come to life for the first time on the big screen. We will be releasing the first screening of the film here, in our home town of Pittsburgh, PA, at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont on November 23rd at 7pm. This event will not only serve as a screening of the documentary, but also as a fundraiser for both Atrocity 2014 and the Hollywood Theater (an independent community film house). Our Atrocity artists and artisans will be pulling together to create works for auction in the lobby and our Atrocity 2013 opening film maker, Rachael Deacon, will be screening 2 of her short films, "Gregor" and "A Fever and a River". Best of all, all of our Atrocity family members will be crawling in from all over to celebrate this momentous occasion. We'll have a Q&A with some of them after the film.

If you'd like to join us, we have advance ticket sales and more information at
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Until then, as always, Parting is such sweet sorrow,
Morose & Macabre

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